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Appel enregistré


177 x 150 x 70 cm.

aluminium sheets, blind rivets, bolts, nuts, washers, automotive wire, sandpaper, anti-slip tape, foam, lighting filter gel, fired terracotta, air dry clay, ribbon, thread, embroidery thread, safety pins, paint, prints, punched pockets, a bobby pin, mirror, performer, video.

Appel enregistré acts as a shattered body cynically enjoying the thrill and pain of the repetition of a static path. Lying in the wait for an ending materialisation to its own utopia, it develops a normative behaviour towards its own flaws.


Different characters share their responsibility in this quest for achievement :


Utopia :

Realised, finally,

I am matter so I exist,

without this body.

I set myself free,

to please and pleasure me,

grow free.


The Mind :

We are alike,

I mean.. you are me or me are you,

you play me or I play you,

well.. in the end, I don't know,

this is the way I am,

I, it's all I live.


The Spine :

I am alone. Condemned.

Jiggling on their prayers.

They don't hear me anymore.

They all fools think they don't need me.


Five Left Toes :

We have taken a decision,

twenty-seven years ago,

to stick to this ship no matter what!

Our shadows are getting thicker,

they want to get rid of us!


a Human :


In front of the

elevator's doors

my call flashes

I know all I know

it's coming for me

to take me

to destination

self realisation

impatient I pray

blue to reach red

the moment waits

stretches my passionate impatience

impatient passion

still hoping

for it to come

I dance

Performers: Sarah White, Marie Aimee Fattouche

Photos credit: Alessandra Sormani

Video credit: Paolo Capelli

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