“The everlasting question of my own purpose led me to search the place of the human in the whole and inquire humans' dissociative perception.

Our perception of duality is constantly reinforced being obligated to choose a side through dramatic actions and this challenges each own truth and creates feelings of strangeness, a crisis to belong, stuck in motion, no identity fits and fulfils on its own, post-unique truth.

My research aspires to allow a re-imagination of the boundaries of good and evil, presenting a raw logic of the mechanical tension between these polarities. The immediate time seems at point to predict a fantasied present, a breaking point of destruction ultimately creative, unifying its dual essence and unveiling its creative potential. Scened in the tension of a mechanical breach point, my work's imaginary fantasy on the potential of a fragile utopian balance, its relation to length and denial of time.

My work narrates bodies and machinery urbanscapes longing for the motion's impulse, sharing a will to move. The aluminium and hardware echo the urban transportation as the main context for a possible, yet unachieved significant number of human interactions. With time, craving for inter-motion, these spaces have generated natural elements and body parts, breaches in the asphalt's foundation, a clay need for ancient textures, an attempt to belong.

My work since the past three years has focused on individuation as the source for segregation. How the human experience has evolved into a singular understanding of life's experience and how it defines multiple factual realities? How this separation influences the perception of right and wrong and how should one understand its life's mission in this dual perception? How to impact positively, while each, the livings, artefacts and I seem to follow the path of what is believed to be a possible ending materialisation to an own utopia?

In this quest for ease in motion, a known in the strange, I look for interactions. How to develop a relationship with matter, auto-nomous and -mated, not based on a one-way obedience, but a creative inter-motion, an alter connexion, generative energy?"