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Breath of Brahma


500 x 120 x 120 cm.

mirror and mixed technics on wood.

Breath of Brahma presents a theatrical scene where the viewer is invited to step on a soft mirror-topped pedestal.


As the outer's perspective grows to an inner stage, the seeming division among the layers of circles transmutes in a single manifest organism. Physically occurring at the centre and suggested over images at both ends, his energy expands in a universal omnipresence. The physical distance becomes null as the central presence radiates through the reflection of a 3D reality in an infinite unified 2D image.

The chaotic 'toxic look-alike' textures extend gradually from dark to brightness, revealing the wholeness within the viewer as a stable and balanced yet dynamic internal movement, arising the conscious of his own self.


The perception of depth allows the viewer to get immersed into a spatial experience, at the core of the 'Unified Field'. The passive viewer transfigures and performs as part of the work. Transposed back in the wholeness, the balance between his own conscious and unconsciousness can harmoniously arise.

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