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I dispose


200 x 200 x 150 cm.

aluminium sheets, blind rivets, bolts, nuts, washers, metal wire, pulley wheels, performer.

I dispose is a confession of the consumerist behaviour of the artist herself. As a quest for more collective responsibility, I dispose’s process built up as construction, from a first systematic sculpture to a new system constructed from the ripped off part of the first mechanism. In the performative process of disposing of her own work, the artist wrote the text I dispose (click to read), as an attempt to understand and question the collective understanding of ownership in consumerist physicality.

As one takes the handle to pull, the systematic mechanism built up, mimicking the buyer’s action to bring closer to oneself as an act of ownership.

The sculptural elements are inspired by the supermarket-scape of shelves and escalators, being themselves objects of systematic construction intending to guide a consumerist path.

Photo credit: Alessandra Sormani

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