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300 x 500 x 300 cm.

Metal, plastic, video.

One wishes to let the observer wander through a rhythm of unified dualities. It merges various layers of dual occurrences into a single environment.

Mimicking the shadows of the material presence, the virtual projected video challenges the sculpture's physicality. The metal's rigidity complements the plastic's flexibility. The purple (blue+red, unification of cold+hot) and the green (blue+yellow, the unification of dark+light) of the virtual projection questions the black and white of the dual physical reality.

As the motion starts, the shadows of the physical sculpture blend into the concentric movements of the non-material video, unifying the factual and the metaphysical.

To achieve a total experience of the one, the viewer is immersed in this dynamic internal back and forth between dualities. Through this cyclic continuous movement, each pole is given an impulse to reach for each other. As the opposites unify, the energy gets intuitively recycled as two complementary colours evolving in a new one.

Photo credit: Alessandra Sormani

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