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Seed my feet, Shield my hands


100 x 74 x 10 cm.

green lentils growing in cotton, non fired terracotta clay, air dry clay, pink quartz, buttons, aluminium sheets, blind rivets, glue.

Time gets slowly annulled as preservation techniques are perfected, parallel times are zoomed out to unification. A wish for an alternate universe, the digital and the spiritual still remains in the factual time, both longing for sharper verticalities.


As the virtual and factual are merging forward, some stones and metals still remain steady, voluptuous women and men carrying our buildings, responsible for our roof sturdiness, ornaments and bas-reliefs keep spying on us, the ever changings. New mythologies gets born, ornaments are longing, –an emptied shield refuses to fight and chooses to believe in the power of its rose quartz linked to the electric power of the sky through the sacrum reaching the joined palms by growing the braided rewards of what they seeded, savour of the labor. 


Place cotton then seeds on top with water, watch how they grow and water them, as they gain stronger start a stems' braiding meditation till you can tight them to the palms. Enjoy the presence of the rose quartz, as it absorbs suffer to trade it for love it will need purification, – unplace the stone and run it under flowing water, feel as you are the stone being purified –and to recharge, place it under the moonshines.

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