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K's bday

You look sad – uncomfortable You seems tired – unhealthy What happened You used to raise – proud, Mingled to the wind, Protect me! What happened You used to make me breathe, You are now – suffocating – strangled I don't know how you – do it I don't like, when people tell me what to do, But you – you do it If I were you – I’d just refuse to grow, Everybody’s looking for freedom, we’d understand Why don't you go on strike – move some place else I don't know how you – do it I feel constraint by my own scarf At least, you’re warm, aren't you? I’m trying to protect you, you know that right? You know my intentions, aren’t that bad I think – I’m necessary – helpful I won’t argue – I do have the foolish savior’s fantasy – ego But I know, I need you I’m trying to cultivate you, create space for you I know, it’s not comfortable, you’ve told me already, But you know, I don't have much room either myself, don't have fresh air at my window We’re the same I know, you just are – presence, Master level – adaptability – emotional intelligence, I’m sad, you look sad I wish, I could save you, See! – that’s what I was talking about I know you’re – saving me, We could run away We’d live wild and shelter animals You know, today’s King’s bday, Must mean, discrimination and segregation, repression and detention are over We can escape now Don’t be scared Break through, I know you can, You don’t belong here – asphalt squared frame, I don’t either, I ain’t a city tree, you ain’t a city girl.

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