The Museletter January 2021

upcoming group show


at Basis Projektraum, Elbestr.10, 60329 Frankfurt

Upcoming March 2021


The exhibition CARE DON’T CARE brings together a group of artists who were educated during the time of the EU-Referendum. National and international graduates from London-based art schools and Universities, the artists witnessed the societal developments in the UK and Europe in a period of political upheaval. Whilst dealing with a wide range of subjects, the artists’ work is underpinned by a climate of uncertainty and looming change. The making of new work, whatever genre it is, is accompanied by existential questions: How can we speak of solidarity when the country in which we are living is leaving a union of historical significance? What is the future of community, of a shared set of values and interests, when the idea of a cross-national alliance is abandoned? How will society handle this move, and how do we understand it as artists? What is the impact for our daily lives, for our ability to move across borders, to collaborate with artists in other countries, to exhibit internationally? What will this unpredictable scenario bring – and is there any hope for positive change?

Reflecting on the impact of political and societal developments, the exhibition aims to explore the impalpable and uncontrollable that accompanies the prediction of fundamental changes to life. The exhibiting artists use a variety of techniques in order to investigate precarity, to speculate about ignorance and to experiment with balance. In their works, questions about values and desires arise.

What becomes important, what do we care about when the earth under our feet is shaking? What do we miss, what can we let go? Focusing on subconscious reflexes and implicit reactions rather than bold statements, the exhibition presents a resonance chamber to the political and societal climate of our times.

Participating artists:

Bo Choy

Josh Berry

Marie Aimée Fattouche 

Stefanie Ferraz 

Rosie Reed Gold

Andrew Hart 

Rosaleigh Harvey-Otway 

Alessandra Sormani 

Olivia Strange 

Caroline Streck 

Marianne Thoermer 


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Filmé au Ventre de la Baleine par Pablo Saguez et Yohann Vorillon

Réalisation Pablo Saguez